Shrinking metros – towers that matter – Mumbai and beyond

Isn’t it frustrating when a car magically turns up just besides your parking spot on which you had your eyes on for the past hour? Apart from the ever increasing population and the flooding traffic, driving through these cities is one task.In addition, among the hustle and bustle,finding the best spot to keep your car safe and secure on these wild roads is like a "God’s Blessing". Over the past few years the population has been rising rapidly whereas on the other hand the space available to even set your foot on the ground has shrunken drastically and that is what scares every car owner among us. Driving your brand new car on these roads while avoiding some close encounters is like one of the worst nightmares.

Odd Even – Parking Woes

It’s odd that it even matters! What does a calendar have to do with parking space? How is the almanac going to help us find a parking space? Do we have to wait for an auspicious time to find a parking spot while the movie show-time ticks like a bomb? You can wait if you feel that “Odd-Even” parking system is written in blood on a papyrus and it is "The Will of God".There are times when finding a parking space becomes a Herculean task even if you are living in a mere Tier-II city. Sometimes you get a feeling that automobile companies should start teaching car owners some lessons in parking etiquettes and those who cleared that test with distinction, should be eligible to own a car. But, all these thoughts remain as dreams unless we start acting upon them. Without beating around the bush, let’s get straight into the facts that have created the ripple effects of parking woes.

A Space to remember... The Inception

Needs of the society lead to various innovations and when it comes to innovation with technology Germany is the place to look at. Germany is a place where the technologically most advanced automobiles are made, with increasing number of Automobiles and the increasing population of the world, the Space problem was evident. Klaus was born in 1907 and by 1933 it opened its first car body works and vehicle manufacturing company. By the 1950’s Klaus got its exclusive order of “UNIMOG “of Daimler Benz AG.