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parking problem and solution

In today’s world where technology is improving day by day & ever increasing population, Space is what is decreasing. Be it the Space for Children to play, Space for Elderly people to have a walk, Space for those pesky couples looking for some privy time or a commuter trying to find the space to park his car the chaotic metro ; Space crunch is a major issues not just in India but globally too. In today’s world optimization of available horizontal spaces and vertical spaces has become extremely important. Shrinking roads, growing traffic are the issues that are becoming a global issue and taking your car out for a spin has become more and more difficult now.

In the daily commute all people want is less congestion and parking space for their vehicle. The current situation is such that there has been immense growth in population and hence a mushrooming growth in the real estate sector which in turn is increasing the sale of automobiles in the world. If we look at the number of cars sold from 1990 to 2018 ,its a figure that will shock many. In 1990 the number of vehicles sold was 39 million and the number is expected to surpass 81.5 million by the end of 2018, this clearly shows the upward trend of increasing number of cars in the world and also brings out the need for #spacethatmatters for Parking. (

If we take a look at the global population, the world population in 2010 was around 6.5 billion and in 2018 it is around 7.9 billion so it has grown immensely in the last 8 years and will keep on doing so.

Even if we talk about India, according to NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant, a car will be sold every second by 2030 in India ( from this we can gauge how much congestion and space issue is about to happen in India alone. This does give us a picture of the global increase in number of vehicles by 2030.

Traffic congestion due to lack of parking space has become a big issue globally and the global situation demands best solutions & the best solution is definitely to optimize the usage of available space which is truly the #spacethatmatters. Klaus Multi-parking systems has the exact aim to address the issue of Parking space. Globally Klaus has proved that the multi-parking systems are the best solution for the Parking space problem and a solution to decrease congestion. With an ethos that resonates with the philosophy of “Space That Matters”. Looking at the previous analytics Klaus has understood the future of space that actually matters when it comes to delivering convenience. Exploring horizontal space in a prime location in a metro city is near to impossible. However, finding a limited space into a metro city for a vertical infrastructure seems to be a possibility. And with the same view Klaus Multi-parking has been establishing multi-parking vertical infrastructures for your beloved car ever since. Klaus Multi-parking has timely delivered over 600 parking solutions to residential and commercial spaces. Klaus Multi-parking caters to all specifications and across the globe. Klaus Multi-parking knows how to best optimize the space be it an underground space, On-ground space or a space above. The variety of products like Automated, Semi- Automated, Vertical, Horizontal, Stacked Parking systems, etc. offered cater to various kinds of demands across the globe successfully. Be it a Car or a two wheeler Klaus Multi-parking provides the essential #spacethatmatters

With the global situation worsening, Klaus has thoroughly studied the global situation and has come up with various solutions in the Multi-parking field and has been a pioneer in Technology, Transparency, Innovation, Trust. Klaus Multi-parking has an aim to provide the #spacethatmatters and help in improving the global situation when it comes to the Parking #spacethatmatters. The obsession with technology and a desperate need for parking space has dexterously been handled by Klaus Multi-parking. Hence at Klaus we understand the real sense of the space that actually matters, not only for you but for your family and loved ones!

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