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How many types of multiparking systems are available?

Multiparking systems are majorly divided into 2 types: Dependent & Independent Car Parking Systems.

Dependent car parking systems:

  • G61-EV: Normal 2-Level Stack Parker
  • 2062(Dependent): 2-Level Pit Stack Parker
  • 3015: 3-Level Stack Parker
  • D63: 3-Level Stack Parker with a single dependency

Independent car parking systems:

  • 2062 (Independent): 2-Level Pit Stack Parker
  • G63: 3-Level Pit Stack Parker
  • P110/210/310/200: Puzzle Parker
  • KOGP: Over the Ground Puzzle Parker

How much capacity is considered in multiparking?

Klaus multiparking systems are designed for 2 ton & 2.5 ton cars. The technical specifications are different for different capacities. They are designed as per the mutual discussions between Klaus Multiparking and the customer.

What is the minimum drive width required?

Klaus Multiparking recommends 6 meter driveway.

Can we install this system in open air/outside the building?

Multiparking systems involve mechanical as well as electrical components. If the system needs to be installed outside the building, covering is required. Klaus multiparking systems come with hydraulic power packs, control switches, etc. which need to be covered to avoid water and dust ingress.

What is the electrical consumption of the systems?

Based on the following parameters, Klaus’s Sales Representative can help with the calculation for the total connected load.

  • G61-EV: Dependent 2-Level Stack Parker: 1.5kW per Power Pack
  • 2062: independent or Dependent 2-Level Pit Stack Parker: 3kW per Power Pack
  • G63: Independent 3-Level Pit Stack Parker: 3kW per Power Pack
  • 3015/Trinity: Dependent 3 Level Stack Parker: 3kW per Power Pack
  • P110/210/310/200: Independent Puzzle Parking System: 3kW per unit
  • KOGP: The consumption will differ depending upon the number of levels

What work is needed under the customer scope?

Civil and electrical work is required as per Klaus Multiparking standards. Foundation, 3-phase supply, finished flooring, electrical lighting, etc. are included under the customer’s scope. Different types of systems require different types of preparation. Klaus Project Execution Team shares all details after the site survey.

Is reverse parking allowed on the system?

Puzzle parking systems operate on hydraulic engineering. For G61-EV/2062/G63, reverse parking is not allowed. A list of dos and don’ts is shared by the Klaus team.

Can 2 or more stack parking systems on single power pack be used simultaneously?

For a system sharing a single power pack, Klaus Multiparking recommends the use of a single system at a time. In the puzzle parking system, one operation at a time can be done.

In how much time a service person can resolve a complaint?

Klaus team’s response time is 2 hours* and turnaround time depends on the nature of the failure.
*Business hours

Is a valet required for multiparking system operation?

Klaus parking system operation is very user-friendly and easy. The system needs to be operated by trained personnel only whether individual or valet. Although appointing a valet is purely the decision of the customer, regular training programs for end-users are organized by the Klaus Service Team.

How can a car be retrieved in case of system failure?

Contact Klaus Service Team on the phone numbers provided. Our technical team will take care of the concern either over the phone or visit the site.

Is there any manual car rescue facility available?

Manual car rescue facility is available only for Klaus service personnel to operate.

What are the safety precautions in multiparking operation?

Klaus team demonstrates and shares dos & don’ts of the system operation. Instructions are also placed beside the system for the users.

What if a person is still in the car parked in a puzzle system and another person uses the same system?

It is advisable to get out of the car immediately once it is parked on the system. While operating the system, all cars in the Equivalent to Ground (EG) position are visible.
Please read the dos & don’ts instruction board shared by the Klaus Team.

What if a person forgets to put the car in gear/handbrake?

It is mandatory to put on the handbrake.

What is the retrieval time for the car?

Different systems take different retrieval time.

Is RCC block required for foundation?

A foundation block with reinforced concrete is recommended. M25 or above grade concrete is suggested.

Should the foundation level and flooring level be equal?

Yes, the foundation top and floor level need to match to avoid a gap between the parking platforms and the ground.

What is the life of Klaus multiparking systems?

Being a German design, our systems are built to last long, but the actual life of the system is determined by the type of system, its usage, and maintenance.
Kindly contact the Klaus trained personnel for more information.

How safe are these systems to operate?

Klaus multiparking systems are absolutely safe to operate, although children are not allowed to operate the system. We ensure utmost safety precautions while installing the system. We carry out safety checks during our preventive maintenance visits and assure the safety mark. We also offer thorough training to the facility management team, valets, and the end-users on dos and don’ts, operational procedures, etc.

What happens in case of a system failure?

In case of failures, end-users should follow all our instructions properly. The system will not face any problem, but in case the system does face a problem, we have provided details of the customer care numbers.
All you need to do is call them and they will address your concern.

What is the life of the hydraulic oil?

Subject to the non-entry of foreign particles, change in environmental conditions, hydraulic oil needs to be inspected after every 5 years for its emulsification and viscosity.

Do you carry out an annual inspection for safety?

Safety of any machine is of prime importance, and we, at Klaus Multiparking, insist on regular inspection and upkeep of the systems. We insist on a minimum of least 2 checks annually. Our technical team carries a safety-related checkpoint list. During every preventive maintenance visit, these points are given special attention.

Is your car parking system covered by insurance?

No. We do not offer any insurance for the parking system. The customer can check with a third-party general insurance provider for further details.

What is Klaus customer care number?

There are various ways to contact us:
By email:
By telephone: +91 20 2545 866(during business hours
By Fax: +91 20 2544 6360
In case of emergencies, our technical team is also available 24×7 to respond to your concerns. Even on a Sunday/holiday, our team members are on standby to take care of your concerns.

How can we register a concern?

Klaus has a detailed grievance redressal system and a complaint escalation matrix in place.

  • Customer complaints at the grass-root level are taken care of by our trained technical team. Each of our regional offices has a dedicated customer care number where the customer can call and log his/her complaints.
  • The customer can escalate the call to the service engineer in case he is not satisfied with the response of the technician.
  • For any complaints that yet stay unresolved, the customer can contact the Manager/Head of Department – Services. All the customer care numbers and email IDs of the concerned are pasted on the system provided to you.

Can we wash the car on the platform?

No, washing the car is prohibited on the platform. Multiparking system is a set of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic components with other structural parts.
Contact with water may damage these parts. There is also a high possibility of corrosion setting in due to water settling into little gaps. This will have a high impact on the safety and smooth operations of the system.

What is the frequency of preventive maintenance visit?

Our schedule for the preventive maintenance visit is as follows:

  • For Stacker System – Quarterly visit
  • For Puzzle System – Bi-monthly visit
  • For Automatic System – Monthly visit

What are the working hours/days?

Business working hours: 9 AM – 5.30 PM, Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sunday/national holiday
Available 24x7x365 for any emergency service calls

What is your service setup?

  • Competent, skilled, and well-trained advisors in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad
  • Well-stocked spares department at our manufacturing hub
  • A fully equipped store facility at Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore to cater to the spare-part requirements, thereby reducing the downtime and speeding up the work at hand
  • WOW – Workshop on Wheels – a 24x7x365 Service Mobility Vehicle is a fully equipped service van with trained technicians, tools, and spares