Mumbai - TCG Financial Centre

Mumbai – TCG Financial Centre

G-61, P-210, P-200

Mumbai houses TCG Financial Centre, one of the largest projects in the plush area of BKC. Located in the main square along the central boulevard, the building is in close proximity to all the major 5-star hotels, hospitals, and domestic as well as international airports.

A majestic structure with 2 basements, a ground floor, and 11 floors above, TCG Financial Centre is a 210,000 sq. ft. colossal project. Housing several MNCs and global firms and having such a regal structure, the parking requirement for this project too is huge. Hence, they chose to install the combination of KLAUS Multiparking’s P-210 and P-200 (Parking Automat) Semi-automatic Parking Systems (Puzzle Parking) and G-61 (Standard) Dependent Stack Parking System.


TCG Real Estates

Number of Parking Spaces:

231 Spaces

Systems Installed:

G-61, P-210, P-200

System Type:

Semi-Automatic (Stack & Puzzle Parking Systems)

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