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Can Multilevel Parking Systems help reduce Air Pollution in Urban Areas?


April 08, 2021

The World Air Quality report by IQAir, released recently, states that 22 of the top 30 most polluted cities globally are in India. The report also placed India as a country with third worst air quality out of 106 countries in 2020.

Even though sources of India’s air pollution include biomass burning for cooking, electricity generation, industry, construction, waste & agricultural burning, one of the major causes remains transportation. It is now critical to find ways to reduce the pollution caused by transportation.

In India, a lot of vehicles have to drive around unnecessarily to find a parking spot, which contributes a great deal to the emission of pollutant gases in urban and semi-urban areas. Due to the increasing population, Indian roads are becoming more and more polluted because of a lot of vehicles being on move at all times.

The phenomenon of traffic congestion is not limited to metropolitan cities alone but is quite visible in smaller cities as well. Even within a city, there are specific areas which especially face the problem of traffic jams resulting in a huge burning of fossil fuels. To avoid this unnecessary search for a parking slot and prevent fuel wastage, multilevel parking systems can be a useful solution.

The multilevel parking also indirectly supports the government’s mission of encouraging electric vehicles to reduce the pollution levels in Indian cities and make them more sustainable in near future. A multilevel parking system can easily offer electric charging points and that too at a cost that may further encourage people to use electric vehicles. Thus, if we are to move towards electric mobility as much as we can, multilevel parking can be at the foundation of the infrastructure. It will make Indian cities cleaner by physically decongesting them as well as promoting cleaner means of transportation.

A multilevel parking system benefits the environment in many ways. Here are a few of them:

  • More green spaces — Urban green spaces improve surrounding property values as well as actively help to improve air quality in the urban environment. A multilevel parking system stores the same number of cars in a portion of the space required by other traditional parking spaces, leaving more space for urban greenery space.
  • Efficient and usage – Multilevel parking can be built in almost all kinds of spaces. This allows for more efficient urban land use – a crucial component of sustainable city planning and development.
  • Reduced embodied energy — As a multilevel parking system is more compact than a traditional parking structure, it requires fewer resources to build and maintain.
  • Fewer emissions — The slower vehicles run; the more is their emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses. In traditional urban parking, drivers have to search for a space to park and navigate through long parking rows. Multilevel parking systems can reduce emissions by 20-30 percent while saving drivers the frustration of city parking.
  • Better urban air quality — Reduced emissions also mean reduced smoke released from vehicle exhaust that results in cleaner and breathable cities.

Are you looking for sustainable parking solutions?

KLAUS Multiparking is a prominent name in the parking industry, which is present in all the major cities across India. KLAUS Multiparking’s multilevel parking solutions can help you battle and sustainably overcome your parking issues. Furthermore, KLAUS multiparking systems come in variety of options to choose from such as: Dependent or Independent Stack Parking Systems, Puzzle Parking or Semi-Automatic Parking Systems, and Fully-Automatic Parking Systems. These systems can also be chosen in combinations, leaving you with the freedom to choose the most suitable approach in each case. Such variety offers unparalleled performance and and multiple ways to improve operations.

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