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Myths about Multiparking Systems and why they are not True


January 03, 2021

As the global population continues to grow and urbanize, it is essential to implement a well-planned and automation-driven parking solution that is also user-friendly and cost-effective.

A multilevel car parking system is a long-term solution available to counter this grave issue as the number of vehicles is bound to increase in the coming years. Multilevel car parking systems are designed with the utmost care and reliable technology that makes them a sound parking solution. However, people still hesitate to opt for them. 

Multiparking systems are being installed all over the world given the benefits that they have when compared to regular parking systems. It is much anticipated that they’re the future of parking systems and yet they’re not very commonly found in some places. The reason for this is the myths regarding multiparking systems. There are several major misunderstandings about multiparking systems that people have, due to which they’re a bit skeptical about installing them. Truth be told, it is very logical and necessary for these systems to be made use of for better utilization of vertical space to cater to the rapidly increasing number of vehicles.

Let’s see what the myths are:

  1. Myth: Multiparking systems are not safe.

Reality: People often believe that multiparking systems might cause damage to their vehicles or the parker. On the contrary, these systems are safe to park and operate as compared to traditional parking spaces, where there are high chances of cars getting damaged accidentally or purposefully. Any potential chances of theft or damages are also very less as the multiparking systems have security doors. 

  1. Myth: Multiparking systems are often unreliable.

Reality: Multiparking systems are built with the use of optimum technology. There are many sensors, mechanical and electrical components that make the system reliable provided the car is parked properly according to standard dos and don’ts. Once the system is installed, with regular maintenance there are usually no issues with the system.

  1. Myth: Multiparking systems cost a lot to install and maintain. 

Reality: Multiparking systems do come with a significant cost but they also come in various options. There is a wide range of parking systems and manufacturing companies in the market and it can vary how much a specific system or project will cost, these types of systems tend to be more economic. Even though the initial cost may seem a bit higher, their reliability and high uptime pay off in the longer run.

  1. Myth: Multiparking systems face a lot of downtime and need frequent maintenance.

Reality: There are a few misconceptions that even after the installations are done, there is a regular requirement for maintenance which costs as much as the installations over time. But this is not at all the case. Maintenance is necessary but it is in fact inexpensive and does not have to be done in between small timeframes if the systems are used as instructed. If the systems are handled responsibly, irregularities or downtime are very rarely observed.

KLAUS Multiparking is trying its best to bust these myths about multiparking systems and at the same time, it is also trying to create awareness about the reliable design and functioning of these systems through various media. It is time people understand that this is the future of the parking systems and it is only rational to install them for better usage of space. 

KLAUS Multiparking is leading the way in designing and manufacturing world-class parking solutions with its advanced German technology and flawless engineering. We offer a wide range of multiparking solutions that suit varied requirements. KLAUS Multiparking also offers WoW – a workshop that reaches your doorstep for maintenance. KLAUS Multiparking has been active in India for many years and has been helping to combat parking problems all over the country with its efficient, reliable, user-friendly, and economic parking systems.

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