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How does a Puzzle Parking System help ease space crunch?


February 10, 2021

Indian cities are a great amalgamation of a wide range of cultures and influences, where taking a turn can feel like stepping into a new world. Although gathering a lot of diverse thing into a relatively small space redefine cities and is one of the biggest advantages of the urban locations, it also creates a substantial challenge for developers. Space is an important element of a city, and developers have to create a perfect balance between the practical needs of their properties and the visions they have for them. One of the most significant examples of this balancing act is parking.

Properties need parking spaces, but traditional parking spaces or garages consume valuable street-level real estate and can have a negative effect on the aesthetics. Traditional parking garages also pose other problems such as public safety concerns and pollution. A significant increase in the number of vehicles over the last decade has also raised questions regarding the availability of enough parking space in the cities to accommodate them. When the traditional parking methods have proved to be ineffective, new advanced technology-driven automatic or semi-automatic parking systems turned out to be the solution for all parking-related issues.

Modern automatic/semi-automatic parking systems have not only efficiently increased the number of parking spots in a limited space but also transformed the parking experience. There are many automatic parking systems available today that provide service according to the parking requirement and space availability. The systems can be easily configured and customized to suit the demands of the customers.

A puzzle parking system is one of the most widely used semi-automatic parking systems that operates like a puzzle, adjudging the available spot for parking. When you call an empty platform, the system brings it to a ground level if it is not present already at the ground level. Access to any platform is at ground level by default. You have to park a vehicle on the steel platform manually in a puzzle parking system once the called platform comes to a rest. Once the car is settled, the system checks that it has been properly parked with the help of sensors.

The platform is raised/lowered and moved horizontally with the help of hydraulic cylinder and chain mechanism till it reaches its predetermined spot.

Some major advantages of a puzzle parking system are:

  • The system makes parking faster and easier as the car can be parked and retrieved quickly without any hassle. This directly negates the commotions caused in the parking area because of an unplanned parking system.
  • The system also ensures the safety of the vehicle. It significantly reduces the chances of theft and damage by minimizing the vehicle’s contact with anything when it is parked in the system.
  • Maintenance of the parking system is very easy. Once installed, the system needs nominal oil changes and cleaning but nothing more than that for long durations if instructions are followed.
  • The operating cost of the parking system is also low that makes the system sustainable in a long-term scenario.

An intelligent puzzle parking system designed by KLAUS Multiparking can fit a lot of cars into a smaller space while offering numerous advantages. KLAUS Multiparking’s best in class parking system – P-310 Semi-automatic Puzzle Parking System is a highly recommended and widely installed puzzle parking system. KLAUS understands the dire situation of traffic and unsafe road parking that has raised due to the limited availability of parking spaces. By making the optimum use of available space and providing ample parking space, the puzzle parking system by KLAUS Multiparking increases the parking spots as much as 3 times when compared to the generally available spaces in a traditional parking system.

KLAUS Multiparking’s P-310 Puzzle Parking System is crafted to provide parking spaces to cars on three levels and side by side. Platforms made of steel pallets that can lift up to 2000 Kg. The vehicles are parked vertically one above the other. The upper and lower platforms move vertically whereas the ground floor platforms move sideways only. This setup coordinates to free up space and park vehicles by moving the car on the platform as per the availability of a parking spot in the system. There is one vacant parking space in the system for it’s apt functioning. The vacant space is used to shift the parking spots. It is very convenient and quick in its operation that allows faster parking and retrieving.

Other than P-310, KLAUS Multiparking also offers P-110 Puzzle Parking System, P-200 Puzzle Parking System as well as KLAUS Over Ground Puzzle Parking System. KLAUS Multiparking has helped a lot of financial institutions, tech-parks, and residential/commercial buildings to maximize their parking space with its puzzle parking solutions.

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