A Space To Remember… The Inception


March 01, 2020

Needs of the society lead to various innovations and when it comes to innovation with technology Germany is the place to look at. Germany is a place where the technologically most advanced automobiles are made, with increasing number of Automobiles and the increasing population of the world, the Space problem was evident. KLAUS was born in 1907 and by 1933 it opened its first car body works and vehicle manufacturing company. By the 1950’s Klaus got its exclusive order of “UNIMOG “of Daimler Benz AG.

In the year 1963, Klaus being a technically strong company already got into manufacturing of mechanical parking spaces, and by 1972 bagged their first biggest order of 300 underground spaces for the Munich Olympics. The first Semi-Automatic Parking System was introduced in 1988 and the first Fully Automatic Parking System in 1993.

The total number of cars sold in 2006 from 17 million have gone up to 77 million in 2016, clearly shows that the rate at which it is growing there will be congestion, on the roads and parking trouble. (See below graph)

In 1900 the world population was 1.6 billion and by March 2018 it had already crossed the 7 billion mark. As population grows, as families get more and more secular the number of cars owned by them will naturally increase and the space limitations will come to the fore more and more. This is the reason why KLAUS Multiparking inception has been a blessing in disguise, to serve the exact purpose of providing that extra space to the people for their cars and that too within the limited available space.

KLAUS Multiparking always understood the importance of #Spacethatmatters when it comes to parking your beloved cars. The constant study of the market needs, the availability of space and ever increasing population, KLAUS Multiparking has delivered a staggering 10,00,000 parking spaces across the globe and growing.

5 decades of constant innovation in Automated and Semi–Automated Parking systems, impeccable service makes KLAUS Multiparking Systems the best in the business and a Smile quotient for the consumers. Its presence in more than 100 countries across the globe speaks for its credibility, reliability, quality, trust and customer delight.

India is a growing market, the population growth rate along with the increase in number of vehicles has made India face the heat when it comes to Parking spaces in general. Realizing this, KLAUS Multiparking Systems India commenced its operations in 2002 with an aim to provide the people of India the #Spacethatmatters for parking their beloved cars. More than 1000+ Residential and Commercial projects show the KLAUS Multiparking Systems success story here in India.

The Simple Vision is to create a world with less congestion due to parking for the coming generations by creating a Parking Space in their Hearts, using the best German Technology, building Trust through transparency & timely delivery. The aim is to make people “Park and Smile” without having to think twice about taking their car out for a spin and without any parking concerns in their minds.
As a person needs a place to rest after a hard day’s work, cars also need the same after the hard grind on the roads and in the traffic. Getting a parking space in today’s world is such a satisfying experience and that’s where Smiles are born, this is exactly what KLAUS Multiparking Systems aims to do.

So Come and Join the KLAUS Multiparking Family for your #SpaceThatMatters and always “Park and Smile

park and smile

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