Entering the challenging spaces


September 25, 2020

The social media today is abuzz with the likes of #10YearChallenge and many other oblivious hashtags. We are living in challenging spaces online and offline, and we need to stay relevant in both the worlds to serve the purpose of our existence. The space scenario which was pleasant a decade ago is not the same today. Drawing a mere comparison between the two timelines is not that simple. Earlier, parking was a simple phenomenon that happened just like our daily chores such as waking up, brushing our teeth, bathing and going to work. It was a mindless activity. Cut to, today’s time… You have more than two alarms set to wake you up on time so that you leave home early and find your parking spot (if you are a common man, that is).

When the real estate has mushroomed all over the metropolitan, cosmopolitan and even smaller cities, and towns, they have created parking spaces as a consolation, rather than creating them as a necessity. Parking, as a phenomenon, which used to be free, when became ‘pay & park’, people began to worry. The world had opened up to new challenges, and space was a huge constraint. That’s when KLAUS Multiparking stepped in.

It’s expertise in providing end-to-end parking solutions, is unparalleled and they have put it to test, time and again. If KLAUS Multiparking took the #10YearChallenge, one would notice the extraordinary transformation. From being just another Multiparking company in the lot, KLAUS Multiparking has earned its #SpaceThatMatters and it is all due to their relentless services and testimonies from renowned names in various industries. In a way, KLAUS Multiparking has paraphrased “Where there is a will, there is a way” to “where there’s space, there’s Klaus”. That’s why Klaus has embarked in every segment of the real estate industry where parking is of paramount importance.

Be it commercial buildings, government organisations or IT parks, Klaus has ensured that parking will never be a pain-point when they are around. Watching a movie with your family or friends without worrying about your vehicle getting towed is a privilege and Klaus allows you to have that peace of mind you deserve. Its presence at the major shopping malls and residential areas is more like a stress-buster one needs. The apartments today consider parking as a major requirement, and so do hospitals and restaurants.

Creating valuable spaces is something that is considered as a noble doing these days. With cluttered spaces causing an outburst on the fundamental right privacy, KLAUS Multiparking gives us that “Breathing space”. Every segment KLAUS Multiparking caters to has something relevant to offer back. For instance, if there’s more parking space available in a mall, it will automatically improve the chances of people driving in there. If their vehicle is parked safely, and if they are assured that no harm will come to their vehicle regardless of the time, it is a mutually beneficial deal. Similarly, if a person wishes to own an apartment, but the building is constructed without a basement parking, it’s a deal-breaker. On the flip-side, if the apartment is well-equipped with ample parking space, the units sell like hot buns. If the employee spends most of his/her time at the traffic, and arrives in the office premises, just to struggle even more to find a parking space, he/she is halfway down the “Frustration Mode”. If he/she continues to work with the same frame of mind, the performance is bound to deteriorate drastically. On the other hand, if everyone on the street gets ample parking space, they would reach their workplace on time and everything else would fall in place, just right. So, we can say that “Parking” is a privilege that every segment of the industry need to have as their top priority and those who do not have it, should take this as a challenge to create a #SpaceThatMatters.

park and smile

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