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How can Multilevel Car Parking Systems contribute to Reduced Stress on Indian Urban Roads?


August 09, 2021

The unprecedented increase in the number of personal vehicles and the unorganized road infrastructure have made the cities a hub of overcrowding, traffic congestion, and general unease of parking. This makes parking provision a critical aspect of transportation and town planning. The scarcity of parking spaces in metropolitan cities is resulting in an essential need to find a parking solution to reduce traffic congestion, especially around airports, railway stations, commercial hubs, stadiums, large hospitals, and shopping centers, etc.

Because of the unavailability of planned parking spaces, on-street parking is a prevalent phenomenon in almost all Indian cities, small or big. Not just commercial or transport hubs, several residential areas often face parking scarcity where daily footfall is in several thousand.

Many cars and two-wheelers are seen parked on either side of the roads. Odd-even parking system might have provided a temporary solution to overcome the challenges of overcrowded roads, but people are often seen diverting from the set parking rules, due to the unavailability of safe parking spaces. This greatly reduces the capacity of the road and poses dangers to pedestrians and two-wheeler riders alike.

A lot of researchers have focused on the visual complexity caused by on-street parking and its effect on drivers’ mental states. On-street parking increases the chances of crash risk. On-street parking tends to complicate the entire landscape for drivers, which may affect their perspective and cause crashes. One important reason for risen crash risk is narrowed road width. Parked vehicles leave insufficient space for moving vehicles, pushing them to drive closer to vehicles in the next lane. Researchers have found that clean and organized roads or the absence of extra cards on the sides positively reduces drivers’ mental stress and helps them focus on the road clearly.

While the Indian government is trying to decongest urban roads through the creation of good public transportation, there are restrictions to what difference public transportation can make in Indian cities. Because private vehicles are still a preferred mode of transportation for a lot of Indians, it is imperative to find alternate parking solutions to resolve the issue of road congestions and on-street parking.

Here automated multilevel car parking systems, which utilize vertical space in an efficient way, would provide relief. Although being present in India for a significant time, multilevel car parking systems remain one of the most underutilized parking solutions. Multilevel car parking systems help overcome parking space constraints and regulate traffic flow, reducing the stress on roads.

Multilevel car parking systems are capable of accommodating hundreds and sometimes thousands of cars. Depending on the size, capacity, and type of multilevel car parking systems, they can definitely serve as a reliable parking solution at sites that have medium or high daily footfall.

Due to the use of multilevel car parking systems, traffic flow improves as fewer cars are required to drive around in search of parking. Vehicles are parked safely in the multilevel car parking systems, reducing on-street parking and ultimately reducing crash risk.

KLAUS Multiparking, since its inception in India in 2002, has been contributing significantly to decongest Indian urban roads through its state-of-the-art multilevel car parking solutions. Here are a few of KLAUS Multiparking’s notable achievements in India:

  • Presence: 6 regional offices and 150+ resident representatives across 53 Indian cities
  • Projects completed: 1000+
  • Number of car spaces provided across India: 80,000+ car spaces
  • Largest dedicated manufacturing facility in India spread over: 20000 sq. m
  • Annual capacity: 18000 parking spaces

KLAUS Multiparking designs, builds and installs multiparking systems that not only optimize the utilization of available space but also improve the user-friendliness, safety, and reliability of the parking process. KLAUS Multiparking specializes in dependent and independent stack parking systems, semi-automatic puzzle parking systems, and fully automatic premium parking systems. Along with these hi-tech products, KLAUS Multiparking also offers 24x7x365 maintenance and service facility – Workshop on Wheels. With strong German engineering as its foundation and superior make in India, KLAUS Multiparking is changing the parking scenario in India, one system at a time.

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