Multilevel parking systems – A Reliable Solution to Decongest Modern Cities


November 05, 2020

Parking spaces have been in existence since the invention of automobiles. For a very long time, only traditional car parking spaces were in use. With time, technology took over and Multilevel parking systems came into existence. In a highly-populated country like India, traditional parking spaces are mostly congested, time-consuming, and risky. Multilevel parking systems have emerged as a major solution on these problems.

Even though the Multilevel parking industry is currently gaining momentum in India, there are a lot of myths associated, particularly around the subjects of lifespan, reliability, safety and economy. Reliability of the multiparking systems remains a major obstruction for builders and architects to choose Multilevel parking systems over traditional parking.

What are multilevel parking systems and how do they work?

Multilevel parking systems can be either fully automatic or semi-automatic. The car needs to be driven to an entry point where the driver and passengers exit the car. It is then moved in an automatic or semi-automatic way to its assigned space. Multilevel parking systems maximize limited space.

Why are multilevel parking systems reliable?

Multilevel parking systems are made of metals that can withstand high pressure and tension. If a reliable power supply is provided, automatic parking systems work flawlessly. Even though they seem to require a significant capital outlay initially, they turn out to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Parking spaces, either outside or inside, sometimes can be a spot of damage for your vehicle. In India, due to less availability of parking spaces, vehicles are always parked in very close vicinity. Most of the public spaces have no dedicated parking, so cars are parked very haphazardly. This can be damaging to cars as parking closely can increase the chances of scratching or colliding.

Multilevel parking systems are the best parking solution when it comes to safety. Before installation, the available space is closely monitored and analyzed so as to ensure the complete safety of the vehicles. The system makes sure that no cars are parked too close or arbitrarily. 

Multilevel parking systems are safer than traditional garages in multiple ways. They transport vehicles and not people, and since there is no human access to the vehicle storage areas, the potential for accidental damages such as scratches or dents, or the potential for vehicle theft or wreckage is almost zero.

The most important aspect of reliability is regular maintenance so that the equipment’s structure, mechanical, and electrical systems are regularly examined. Multilevel parking systems are periodically serviced, which reduces the breakdowns and any other potential risks. 

At KLAUS Multiparking, we bring decades of experience and flawless German technology in our products to provide our customers with the best quality systems.  With offices around the country, we offer a full range of product choices. Our teams work closely with our customers to design parking layout that suits their requirements, partner to plan their project in detail, install the systems, and stand by our products by providing ongoing excellent servicing support. 

KLAUS Multiparking systems allow saving in space, construction cost, security of the cars, reduced air pollution, and need little maintenance. They are safe, user-friendly, and offer optimum security to your vehicle.

Our products are designed with sensors and controls to protect vehicles. Klaus Service team is available for service, training, and ongoing service. KLAUS Multiparking also offers a unique servicing on-site support called WOW, to ensure maximum uptime of the equipment.

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