Redevelopment & Space That Matters


July 01, 2020

Have you ever visited the core areas of any city? We are sure you have and would have observed the vintage buildings with houses on the ground floor with cars and bikes parked on the roadside. In today’s world of high-rise buildings and townships, it is a new thing for many people, but it is the reality. Lack of proper parking space leads to chaos in the core areas as well as the developing areas of any city. Lack of space and need for more facilities are the main reasons that “Redevelopment” is the need of the hour. Along with these factors, the lifespan of construction is also considered for redevelopment. But does lack of parking space only affect the core area? No! It affects larger townships also. Let’s see how. It’s simple… More number of people = More number of cars and bikes which in turn creates a parking problem.

What about your beloved cars? Will they continue to be lying parked on the road or in the congested parking spaces? True redevelopment is where all the spaces are redeveloped & one such important #SpaceThatMatters is the parking space. Redevelopment and increasing parking spaces are few of the most important aspects today and who better than KLAUS Multiparking systems to understand it.

Solutions like Stack, Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic parking systems make KLAUS Multiparking an ideal redeveloper of parking space which is truly the #SpaceThatMatters for your beloved cars.

Be it a housing society, a township or any small residential building it does require considerable space due to the ever-changing lifestyle & the need of vehicles for our convenience. Cars & bikes are considered as status symbols and taking care of these prized possessions is necessary. So, just like a man needs a house, a car or a bike too, need a place to rest. Currently, in all the metro cities there has been a hike in the standard of living. On an average, every city dweller owns 2 cars which adds more to the ever-increasing traffic. According to RERA Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 every real estate developer has been compelled to deliver good quality services to their customers and KLAUS Multiparking makes it even more convenient while delivering them. Through the RERA Act, the Government has also, in a way, ensured the optimum utilization of the space available for parking a car in the future.

KLAUS Multiparking has been actively involved in many redevelopment projects since starting its operations in India. Klaus knows the importance and the value of optimization of small spaces. It has also been making the best utilization of small spaces. KLAUS understands the emotions we Indians have for our beloved cars and provides the best resting places for them. Klaus believes in the motto “Park & Smile”. Smile on each family’s face when it comes to parking spaces, is the ultimate goal for Klaus. So, redevelop not just your home but give your beloved cars the home they need with #SpaceThatMatters so that you always “Park & Smile”.

park and smile

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