Shifting spaces to semi-automatic


August 25, 2020

Technology is something that’s ever-evolving and challenges the current trend. People today are used to the edgy automatic tech for their daily chores. For example, earlier the cars used to have a manual window-opening mechanism, but today people have power windows on their priority list. Even household stuff like fans, ACs, TVs, lights, etc. have become automatic. This takes us to the ultimate question. Has automation made our lives easy or has it bombarded us with too much of technology that we are not able to handle? This question surely calls for some #SpaceThatMatters.

Technology for sure gets maximum space in every industry because of its sheer nature. When it comes to cars, the machine is embellished with loads of technology. So, why not use technology in providing parking solutions?

Parking spaces have now become an integral part of our life. As cities develop, the space decreases and that’s the part which is where KLAUS Multiparking System steps in to solve the parking chaos. From Dependent & Independent Stack parking, Semi-Automatic Parking & Automatic Parking systems, KLAUS Multiparking too is evolving with the changing times. Seeking a parking space while owning a home, or visiting a shopping mall or even dining at your favourite restaurant, finding a parking space is of paramount importance. The availability, ease of parking, and safety of parking are where technology offers its true value.

Security & Safety are few of the prime priorities in all walks of life and at work too. This is exactly a benefit of having semi-automated parking systems. Any person who parks their car at any place is always worried about the wellbeing of their vehicle and hopes that no damage is done while they are away. Klaus semi-automatic car parking system provides maximum safety & security as the car gets its own space till the time it is parked. So there is no chance of damage as any other car cannot be parked close & also no worries of a two-wheeler being parked in front or close by.

To change with technology is the best way to enhance lifestyle and save time, money and efforts. Switching to a semi-automatic parking system gives you the ultimate peace of mind and that extra time for your car to relax. It also gives you those extra minutes to complete your work or spend a bit more time with your lovely family and friends.

The best way to have peace of mind when it comes to parking your beloved car is to switch to the semi-automatic parking systems and always “Park & Smile”. So, the choice has to be Klaus Semi-automatic.

park and smile

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