Shrinking Metros – Towers That Matter – Mumbai And Beyond


May 01, 2020

Isn’t it frustrating when a car magically turns up just besides your parking spot on which you had your eyes on for the past hour? Apart from the ever increasing population and the flooding traffic, driving through these cities is one task.In addition, among the hustle and bustle,finding the best spot to keep your car safe and secure on these wild roads is like a “God’s Blessing”. Over the past few years the population has been rising rapidly whereas on the other hand the space available to even set your foot on the ground has shrunken drastically and that is what scares every car owner among us. Driving your brand new car on these roads while avoiding some close encounters is like one of the worst nightmares.

Consider these statistics for a minute, there are more than 15 lakh vehicles running on the busy roads across all Metro cities in India. In accordance with the number of vehicles running, there is only a percent free space available with the rest donated to pay-and-park facility buildings.For Bombay the vehicular density is 591 vehicles per square kilometre, compared to 163 in New Delhi. Not surprisingly, this leads to crises and conflict on a daily basis.

KLAUS Multiparking is one of those saviours who dedicate a whole building just for your car, for us it’s not a building it’s a prime secure location for your car, a place where your car will rest spaciously without any difficulty. From a range of parking solutions, we offer a complete package of security for your car at each and every location whenever you need us. Our parking facilities are well tested before installation as precision and advance technology are one of our many traits. With precise and innovative German technology we strive to provide you with a convenient parking space in order to cater to your basic need, space. Forget the parking spaces, forget the latest technology; at KLAUS, there is a single motive – it’s your “SPACE”. A space to breathe, a space to move and that’s where the real essence lies – “Space that Matters”

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