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Lift & Shuttle

The premium fully automatic parking system for long and narrow premises.

The most effective space utilisation as compared to conventional parking spaces

Lift & Shuttle systems are ideal for narrow buildings. The system can also be installed above ground, underground, or as a combination of both variants. This system requires no human assistance other than entering the car data at an entry room. The movement of cars from an entry room to the storage is done automatically by smart shuttle-slide-friction drives. The car owners can park and retrieve cars only in entry rooms situated at the ground levels.
In addition to systems for standard car dimensions and weights, special solutions are available on request. Of course, in many instances, the system can be adapted to your individual project requirements.

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Suitable for all passenger cars according to the clearance and maximal surface load

Maximum Weight Carrying Capacity: 2200kg – 2500kg
Allowable car height: 1.5m – 2.0m
Platform width: 1.9m – 2.0m

For more specific information please download a complete datasheet of the product

Key Benefits:

  • Ideal for residential buildings and commercial projects
  • Increases the capacity of underground parking spaces at hospitals, malls, cinema halls, hotels etc.
  • The amount of space used can be reduced by up to 50 percent – compared to conventional parking spaces
  • Leaves the building space that is saved for additional parking spaces or more profitable purposes
  • Extendable up to 2-5 levels and 3-8 grids
  • Can accommodate up to 8–42 cars
  • Customizable as per the requirements of levels and grids
  • Customizable up to 8 cars per parking level & further upon request
  • Variable car dimensions: length, width possible as an option, height can be selected to suit requirements but must be uniform
  • Extended vehicle weighing capacity available as an option upon request
  • Lift for vertical transportation to the respective parking levels and for transferring the vehicle to the storage area
  • The chain-drive mechanism for horizontal movement
  • Quick parking & retrieval cycle with 99% uptime
  • Accommodates cars safely
  • Protection from theft and damage
  • Operation: access control via RFID tags, touch screens
  • Motion sensors for human safety
  • Eco-friendly as no CO2 emission from the car during operation
  • Low operational noise (less than 65dB)

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