Bangalore – Brigade Tech Gardens

G-61, P-110, P-210, P-310

Brigade Tech Gardens is envisioned to be a unique, flexible, sustainable, and state-of-the-art workplace designed for contemporary businesses in the heart of Brookfield, Bangalore.

It is spread across a floor plate area of approximately 3 million sq. ft. The campus boasts of an exceptional workplace environment that caters to both small and large businesses. It has large indoor and outdoor spaces to foster individual focus and collaborative interaction.

The property is strategically located, which makes it well connected to North, South, East, and Central business districts.

Brigade Tech Gardens truly is one of a kind commercial space in Brookfield.

KLAUS Multiparking decided to install a combination of G-61 Stack Parking Systems, P-110, P-210 and P-310 Semi-automatic Puzzle Parking Systems, thus saving spaces for gardens and other amenities on the campus.


Brigade Enterprises Ltd. and GIC Singapore

Number of Parking Spaces:

1098 spaces

Systems Installed:

G-61, P-110, P-210, P-310

System Type:

Semi-Automatic (Stack & Puzzle Parking Systems)

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