Important Dos and Don’ts while Using Multiparking Systems


December 05, 2020

Multiparking systems employ a technology that enables parking multiple cars in an area lesser than that required by conventional parking spaces. This allows more space to be spared for design, development, and community enhancements. With multiparking systems, Architects and Developers are able to incorporate more green space, retail, residential or commercial space in already allocated area.A multiparking system can be Dependant Stack, Semi-automatic, or Fully-automatic. 

Dependant Stack parking system provides parking spaces which can be accessed with a key switch on the operator box mounted in front of a system. End user has to hold a key till the operational cycle gets completed. Platforms are moved vertically.

Semi-automatic systems provide parking space which can be accessed with a single command. Sensors may or may not be a part of system. The car needs to be driven on a pallet by end user. The vehicles are parked on platforms. The platforms of the lower and or upper floor are moved vertically, the platforms on the ground floor are moved horizontally. 

Fully-automatic systems provide parking space with no human assistance other than entering the car data at parking room. It is a pallet-based system where car is stored on the strong metal pallet and parked inside the storage system.  

Multiparking systems are a technically sound option, offering advanced techniques to park and retrieve a car from the parking facility.Multiparking systems from KLAUS Multiparking offer a much more appealing alternative to the traditional parking paradigms for end users. With our reliable, easy-to-use, economic, and efficient parking systems, parking no longer has to be an issue for property owners in urban and suburban areas. KLAUS multiparking systems are available in various variants as per building’s requirements. 

Here are the important Dos & Don’ts to be followed while operating a multiparking system:


  • Only park roadworthy and standard vehicles according to clearance & maximum surface load.
  • Keep persons, animals, and baggage away from the platform danger zone.
  • Before driving a vehicle into a parking platform- 
    • Have passengers and animals get off the vehicle
    • Remove roof racks and fixed antennas 
    • Push in rod antennas 
    • Fold in the external mirrors 
  • Only drive in forwards – front first and slowly into the parking space. 
  • Drive on to the platform until the front wheel touches the wheel stopper.
  • While parking, pull the parking brake firmly and select first gear. 
  • If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, pull the automatic gear-shift lever in ‘P’.
  • If your vehicle has adjustable hydraulic suspension, fully lower the suspension while parking.
  • Switch off the engine.
  • Observe and check the exit area.
  • Drive slowly from the platform.


  • Never pass on the key to children or unauthorized persons.
  • Do not deposit any objects such as tyres or bicycles on the platform.
  • Do not drive over/across the wheel stop.
  • Do not misuse the automatic parking system as a vehicle hoist or for conveying people.
  • Do not move the platform if there are people, pets, or objects on or below it.
  • Never allow passengers or pets to get on or off the vehicle while on the platform.
  • Never load or unload your vehicle on the platform.
  • Do not repair/wash your vehicle on the platform.
  • While getting on and off the vehicle, do not reach beyond the outlines of your platform.
  • Do not carry out any work whatsoever on the system on your own.

Other General Instructions:

  • Ensure that the car parking bay and its surrounding area are clean.
  • The system should be operated only by a trained person.
  • Do not open the control panel or operate the system from the control panel directly.
  • Contact our customer representative in case of any concerns. 


If maintained precisely and timely, KLAUS multiparking systems can provide maximum uptime with minimal repairs. Klaus Workshop On Wheels will reach you in no time to solve the concern. Klaus WOW consists of a mobile service van equipped with spares, tools and an expert technician. Klaus WOW is available 24X7 to serve you! 
KLAUS Multiparking offers the best multiparking systems in India with robust and long-lasting product range designed accurately and efficiently. 

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