The premium semi-automatic parking system with a pit

The P-110 can handle extremely low room heights

The P-110 is accessed at ground level. This puzzle parking system provides spaces for cars on two levels and side by side in the form of grids. The system can accommodate vehicles one above the other, one of which is lowered into the pit. It requires less room height as a result. The parking spaces are moved vertically and horizontally and transported to the desired position. This system can go up to 3-19 cars and 2-10 grids.

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Suitable for all passenger cars according to the clearance and maximal surface load

Maximum Weight Carrying Capacity: 2000 kg
Allowable Car Height: 1.5m – 2.0m
Platform Width: 2.2m – 2.7m

For more specific information, please download a complete datasheet of the product.

Key Benefits:

  • Ideal for apartment buildings and commercial projects
  • Increases the capacity of underground parking spaces at hospitals, malls, and cinema halls
  • Provides 3 spaces in a footprint of 2 cars and can go up to 19 spaces in a footprint of 10 cars
  • Leaves space for additional amenities
  • Accommodates cars safely
  • Protection from theft and damage
  • Safety gates available upon requirement
  • Sequential horizontal and vertical movements of platforms
  • Optimal access times
  • Simple key switch controls
  • An independent system
  • Ground-level access to all parking levels

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